Sunday, August 18, 2013

micro movie reviews.

  I've seen quite a few movies this summer.  They are all awesome, because, well, I don't waste my money on the un-awesome.  Here's a few quick reviews.

The Wolverine:  A welcome improvement of the somewhat muddy 'X-men Origins Wolverine,' a warm mess that should have gone back to the drawing board the moment someone green lighted the title 'X-men Origins Wolverine.'  The Wolverine uses some classic Frank Miller comic book material as source, but takes suitable cinematic liberties.  Without spoiling too much, Logan heads to Japan to kick some ass.  There are bad guys.  Hand claws, and tough talk, ensue.  I enjoyed it.

Now You See Me: I managed to make it months without spoiling the ending of this movie for myself. So I won't do it for you.  There are decent plot twists, and a cast that seems to be having fun, all of which made this well worth the money.  The plot review?  There is magic, and heists.  Actually did quite well at the box office, which is hardly surprising with a cast including Morgan Freeman (who apparently fell asleep giving a publicity interview), Michael Caine (not fair, he's been in so many movies... I think I saw him in a crowd shot in my sister's wedding video), Woody Harrelson, That dude from the social network, and the guy who played the hulk.  No, not Edward Norton.  No Not Eric Bana.  NO not the 70's tv show.  Whassisface.  Avengers dude.  Never mind.  Just check it out.

Man of Steel: I'm more of a Batman guy.  Superman's godlike invulnerability makes it difficult to up the stakes in a Superman movie.  I mean, if the entire world isn't at stake, why should Superman interrupt a summer day grilling burgers?  But, as fits any movie with the Christopher Nolan stamp of approval (he produced), the movie is pretty solid and enjoyable.  Plot?  Sort of a combination of Superman and Superman2 from the 70's and the 80's.   He's born, he flies, there's Zod.  Yellow sun ass kicking ensues.  Enjoy.  Supposedly they are going to connect this franchise to the Dark Knight franchise and make the Justice League.  What are the odds that they change actors and boot Ryan Reynolds out of the Green Lantern role?

Pacific Rim:  My favorite movie of the summer.  Monsters, and Giant Robots.  To paraphrase my brother, "Acting C, Plot C-,  Overall rating A+++ I DID SAY MONSTERS AND ROBOTS."  Giant fun.  The apocalypse is cancelled, but luckily the sequel is not.  Awesomer movie.

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